Reptillian Biology, 5/3/2019, by Macdonald H. Warren

Reptillian activity has been appearing since 200,000 to 300,000 years ago, they are known to suck blood of the inocennt and also shapeshift, and are from the lower fourth dimension, or the lower astral dimension. President Bush and the bush family seem fairly innocent on the outside, but they are really followers of reptillian philosphies. The info of this has been redacted as of 2008, and certain emails are nonexisitent.

Chapter 1 - Anatomy and Food intake.

They are made of green scales and have flesh and lungs like the common people, and we are food for these creatures because nothing will satisfy them more then human blood, the reason is that it is (most likely and this is not 100% right) need it for their vitamin intake which Iron being the nutrient they lack, they have been seen to drink animals but they do not eat humans as far as we know.